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Cliffe Bonfire Society, 5th Nov 2006

Condoleezza Rice toying with the Middle East
Condoleezza Rice,
American Secretary of State,
was the centrepiece tableaux
on Bonfire Night, 2006

Radical Edge

They may worry many liberal minded people when they parade their No Popery banners up and down Cliffe High Street, but each year the Cliffe consistently show their radical edge in the choice of the political issue of the day they choose to highlight and satirize via their main set piece tableaux.

The United States was back in the firing line in 2006 with a tableau depicting Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, playing games with the Middle east, represented by a chessboard, a figure in traditional Arab dress, a camel, and a figure in a suit, representing US clients in the region such as Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, and members of the Iraqi government.

Tony Blair is a pawn in the hand of Rice.







Bonfire procession along Cliffe High Street
First Procession of the evening along Cliffe High Street. In the photo are, from front to back: a pipe band, the effigy of Guy Fawkes in a cart, hundreds of Society members with flaming torches

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