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Cliffe Bonfire Society

Martyr's Memorial replica carried on procession
Martyrs' Memorial Replica


On the top of Cliffe Hill, overlooking the town and clearly visible from Lewes High Street, is the Martyr's Memorial monument (an obelisk) which was erected in 1901. Each year a replica of the monument is carried on one of the night's processions, and "discharged in honour of those who gave all for the Faith".

The other annual regular are the "Enemies of the Bonfire" (see next page). These are giant heads of anyone who has upset the Society during the preceding year. The heads are carried on procession to the firesite where they are ceremonially exploded - along with everything else!

While, Guy Fawkes, the Pope, the Martyr's Memorial replica, and the Enemies of the Bonfire are annual regulars, the grand set piece finale each year is the so-called tableaux, the largest firework effigy of the night, always topical, and a closely guarded secret, and known only to the inner circle of firework experts.




Osama Bin Laden on the loo
Osama Bin Laden in 2001
Rear view of Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden, rear view

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