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Enemy of the Bonfire
Enemy of Bonfire


In recent years the tableaux have been: 2005 - former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, and his Identity Card proposals; 2004 - a send up of BBC TV South because of their coverage of a local issue when the neighbouring Firle Bonfire Society got themselves accused of racism over their tableaux in 2003!; 2003 - a skull and crossbones marking the Cliffe's 150th anniversary; 2002 - US President George Bush devours the world; 2001 - Osama Bin Laden caught with his pants down, and with an American eagle clawing his back; 2000 - Chancellor Gordon Brown in an S&M outfit has de-bagged Peter Mandelson over his knee for a caning; 1999 - Tony Blair and a monstrous genetically-modified potato; 1998 - US President Bill Clinton, as Captain Viagra, with a huge missile between his thighs!

A list of all known tableaux in the Society's history can be found on Cliffe's website.






Former PM, John Major, on the Maastricht Dinosaur
John Major on the Maastricht Dinosaur in 1993
Tony Blair and genetically modified food controversary
Tony Blair and GM Controversy in 1999
A GM Potato Monster
The GM Potato or is it a Bug?

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