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This city has seven miles of coastline - and most of it has a cycle path. The busiest bit is undoubtedly between the two piers on a summer's day. There you will find a sea of people. The widest bit is the esplanade in Hove, and the most intriguing and visually stunning bit is the Undercliff Walk, east of the marina.

But this place is not just a bucket and spade economy. Twenty-five per cent of employment is in financial and business services. The city is even home to the Pensions Regulator for the UK. So if you have any problems with your pension, the people to see are here on your doorstep - in theory. (Just below the station, in fact.)

The city is desperately short of housing and desperately short of places to build them. So the city council's solution is to go up. The tower block is back, but not just any old tower block. Two major development proposals, one to redevelop the King Alfred leisure complex (world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry), and the other at the marina promise world class architecture.

Unfortunately, the high buildings are also matched by sky high property prices. The average house price in England in July 2006 was £202,660. The average property price in Brighton & Hove between April and June 2006 was £231,957 (Source: Land Registry).

(On a worrying note, the Council of Mortgage Lenders reported in July last year that in 2005 more than 200,000 homebuyers in the UK took out interest-only loans WITHOUT having any repayment vehicle in place such as an endowment policy! This is an indication of just how difficult it is to get on and stay on the housing ladder, and I should imagine that quite a few homebuyers in this city will fall into this category.

After the mortgage endowment mis-selling scandal of the not-so-distant past, when millions of people took out endowment mortagages only to find that the endowment policy is not now going to cover their mortgage loan, it looks very likely that a new calamity in the the housing market is brewing up.)

Mis-sold Endowment Mortage? It could be you - click here

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