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Cycling Santa

Cycling Santa Goes Crackers On Christmas Day

It was Christams Day and the cafe at Ovingdean was open. And who should come along on his bicycle, but Santa! Not content with riding his sleigh throughout the early hours of Christmas morning, Santa was out again on his bicycle, only this time he was pulling crackers with passers-by - or rather as he passed by.
The boy in the photograph didn't manage to grab the cracker, but two tables on, on this side of the picture frame, another customer did 'make contact' with the cracker, and pulled it as Santa sped by. In fact, the customer won the pull. Perhaps it was the mulled wine the cafe was serving that gave him the edge.
Santa didn't stop. He just zoomed on by. His next port of call would have been the village of Rottingdean.

Well, done, Santa, whoever you are. Nice one!