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The photographs used on this site are either in the copyright of the siteowner or are believed to be public domain, unless otherwise indicated with a copyright bar usually on the righthand side of the image - see example photograph.

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I wish to thank Dave Gary of ImagesBrighton for permission to use images from his website. Do visit his site and have a browse through the many thousands of photographs on display, a unique collection on life in contemporary Brighton.

I wish also to thank for permission to use one of their library photographs.

Likewise my thanks to Southern Water for permission to use an image in an item about their sewer tours.

There follows below a bibliography with notes on the books that I have consulted and continue to consult. I expect that as the site grows so too will the bibliography.

Likewise, I am providing a list of online resources which have provided valuable information about things Brighton & Hove.


Bibliography (Books)


Beevers, David & John Roles (1993) A Pictorial History of Brighton, The Breedon Books. A photographic record of Brighton from the earliest days of photography. All photographs are black & white. Large A4 format. What did Volk's Daddy Longlegs really look like? Find out here.

Berry, Sue (2005) Georgian Brighton, Phillimore. Just published Berry's book is well researched and beautifully illustrated. She writes, "This is a study of the people and myriad of mainly small-scale projects which transformed a poverty stricken coastal town into a lively and famous Georgian resort."

Betjeman, John & J S Gray (1972) Victorian and Edwardian Brighton from old photographs, B T Batsford, London. A fascinating collection of historical photographs.

Carder, Timothy (1990) The Encyclopaedia of Brighton, East Sussex County Libraries. Carder's book is an indispensable reference book for the history of Brighton. It consists of 216 entries covering many aspects of its history, in a soft cover A4 format.

Dean, Dennis R (1999) Gideon Mantell and the Discovery of Dinosaurs, Cambridge UP. A modern, scholarly biography of the local boy who discovered the dinosaurs. Exhaustive and interesting.

Defoe, Daniel (1704/2003) The Storm, Allen Lane, edited with and introduction and notes by Richard Hamblyn

Gilbert, Edmund W. (1954) Brighton Old Ocean's Bauble, Methuen & Co. Ltd., London.

Historic Commercial Vehicle Society, The (2006) 45th London To Brighton Run: Official Programme, HCVS

Martin, Henry (1871) The History of Brighton And Environs, John Beal. Useful for a Victorian perspective on Brighton's history. Martin was a former mayor of the town. You will find copies in local libraries.

Musgrave, Clifford (1981) Life in Brighton from its earliest times to the present, (John Hallewell Publications) Still the standard work on Brighton's history.

Webb, Charles & A. E. Wilson (1952) Elizabethan Brighton: The Ancient Customs of Brighthelmston 1580


Online Resources

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