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Demo: Don't Attack Iraq, 15th Feb. 2003

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The Biggest Political Demo in British History

Protester in Whitehall

The police stopped counting at 750,000. The conservative estimate is that there were a million on the demonstration. The demo organisers, the Stop the War coalition, claimed 2 million. It was huge!

There was a large contingent from Brighton & Hove. More than 28 coaches went up from the city, and many, many hundreds more went up by train - including myself. The atmosphere on the crowded train was very good spirited.



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a sea of demonstrators passing parliament
Listen Blair We Put You There
Daily Mirror banner
daughter and mother stop for a lunch break in Parliament Square
son and mother with their own distinctive banners
pasing Portcullis House
Sharon banner: wanted for war crimes
war is just terrorism with a bigger budget


Link: Iraq - From Here to Democracy?


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