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Massive Charity Run: BHF London to Brighton Cycle Ride

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27,000 Cyclists in Town

2006 Bike Ride Medal

In 2006 all those who completed
the ride were awarded
a commemorative medal. Nice idea.

The London to Brighton Bike Ride, which takes place in June each year, is Europe's largest cycle event. Around 27,000 cyclists take part, and in 2005 more than £3 million was raised for the British Heart Foundation. Since 1980 more than £35 million has been raised, and more than 650,000 cyclists have taken part.

It all began back in the mid 70s with only a couple of dozen cyclists doing the 54 mile run from London.

These days the cyclists move in great swarms along the highways and byways. There are some hills to be met and conquered on the way. The worst is the climb up the South Downs to Ditchling just before you reach Brighton. Many get off and walk at this point - sensibly. But once your on top of the Downs it's downhill all the way.

On the approach to Madeira Drive many cyclists are on their mobile phones to let friends and relatives know so that they can be ready to capture the moment on camera as the tired but smiling cyclists glide victoriously along the Drive towards the Finish Line.

Inevitably the ride ends in a queue as the cyclists move through the check in tent just the other side of the finish line.

Crossing the Finish Line
Crossing the Finish Line
Check-in Tent
Check in and get the medal


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