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Historic Commercial Vehicle Society: Taxicabs

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Beardmore and Austin Taxis


Taxi Meter
Taxi Meter and For Hire Sign

The Historic and Commercial Vehicle Society has a separate Class P for purpose built taxis and on the 2006 run there were three entrants: two Austins and one Beardmore.

The Austins date back to the 1930s. P188, the 1938 Austin, has been with the same family since the Second World War, and was a working taxi up until the 1960s. P187, the 1935 Austin, is the taxi which featured in the 1959 film, Babette Goes to War, starring Bridget Bardot. One of the drivers told me that his taxicab is no longer offered for work in the film and television business. He complained that they were paid a fee only for the actual time they were on camera but that they could be waiting around for the whole day, and the fee was just not enough. Also he said that producers refuse to cover the costs of body repairs when the cars get damaged which he said was all too often.

The Beardmore is one of only about 650 that were ever produced, and one of 30 thought to be still in existence.

These veteran taxis are well worth seeing. Like so many of the vehicles on the run they are beautifully retored and maintained. Of particular note is the passenger side luggage rack. The Austins are convertible over the rear passenger seats.


1938 Austin taxicab
P188: 1938 Austin taxicab


1963 Beardmore taxicab
P190: 1963 Beardmore taxicab


1935 Austin taxicab
P187: 1935 Austin taxicab


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