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The Land Rover Run

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2007: Sunday, 30 September
Land Rovers parked in line
A line of Land Rovers, 2003
© David Gray

The London to Brighton Land Rover Run is organised by the South London and Surrey Land Rover Club. The Club has only been around for six years or so, and the Brighton run is therefore a recent addition to the Madeira Drive calendar.

As with many of the events, the starting point is Crystal Palace Park, where camping overnight is part of the entrance fee for the event.

As Madeira Drive proves, the need for some car owners to meet up with other drivers of their own kind is very strong. The Land Rover is oozing with charisma and character, and I should imagine that this event will go on growing - unless taxes on gas guzzlers go really high.





Land Rover with roof tent opened
Expanding Land Rover
© David Gray
A Land Rover flying the St George's Cross
Fly the Flag
© David Gray


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