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Wildlife - sparrow, blackbird, woodpigeon

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Birds of the Garden Table

Bird Sections Below

How many species of birds visit your garden? If you provide a regular supply of food you can over time expect a lot of frequent visitors. The regular all-year-round visitors to our garden are sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, seagulls, woodpigeons, collared doves, magpies, blue tits and great tits - and occasionally jackdaws. In winter robins, wrens and thrushes are common. And last year we even had a greater spotted woodpecker! Greenfinches used to be common visitors but in recent years they have all but disappeared. We provide a varied diet. Wild bird seed from a seed feeder hung in an old apple tree at the far end of what is a small garden. We also have two peanut feeders in the tree but they are not so popular. The tree has been invaded both both ivy and a climber and therefore provides plenty of dense cover which gives the smaller birds more confidence.

On top of the washing line post at the far end of the garden, and close to the seed feeder, I have fixed a large and deep flowerpot saucer, in which we put both bread and fatballs. Finally, on an old garden table within a few feet of the back kitchen window there is a food bowl for bread, peanuts, fatballs, cheese, and whatever scraps are available. It is this location that provides the photographs. It's very satisfying when the adult birds have enough confidence to bring their young into the garden. [June 2006]

adult blackbird with a young blackbird
Blackbird and Young Offspring
There are actually two young blackbirds and they both come into the garden with the adult bird.


a sparrow and a young blackbird
Sparrow and Young Blackbird
Sparrows, woodpigeons, collared doves, and blackbirds mix quite happily. All feel threatened by magpies and seagulls.


adult blackbird
Adult Blackbird

Not the most beautiful of blackbirds; its plumage is a bit bedraggled. But it has successfully raised two young this year.


young blackbird
Young Blackbird
The two young blackbirds have taken to the garden and come regularly on their own or together.


blackbird standing tall
Adult Blackbird
This posture looks like something out of a children's animation, but this is the adult standing tall, listening and looking for any danger.


young blackbird showing immature plumage
Young Blackbird
A pair of woodpigeons are daily visitors to the garden. Once they are sure about coming into the garden, they stay and eat all that they can - as long as they not disturbed.


woodpigeon eating
Woodpigeon - with bread in its bill


woodpigeon on alert
Woodpigeon, listening and looking intently

The bird is in a rather odd posture. It's actually sitting bolt upright, listening and looking intently, deciding whether to stay or take flight. Perhaps it was disturbed by a movement of mine from behind my camera in the kitchen.

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