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Ovingdean Cafe

Ovingdean Gap Cafe

At Ovingdean there is a cafe that is open at weekends during the winter months and daily throughout the summer. It serves teas, coffees, etc. and a large selection of homemade cakes. There are also toilets. And if you want to take the view from the cliff top there is a fortress-like staircase to take you there. And don't forget to say hello to Bill, the cafe dog.

Bill, the cafe dog
Bill, the cafe dog


Bird Life on the Cliff Face

The cliff face, the shoreline, and the And the grassland on the cliff top is an important food source particularly during the breeding season.

I watched a pair of nesting starlings feeding there brood one sunny afternoon last summer. The adults were never gone from the nest for more than a couple of minutes, journeying back and forth between their nest in a crevice just above the rear splashback and Starling entering nest the top of the cliff.

The photograph to the right shows the starling entering its nest.

Pigeons and seagulls also commonly roost and nest in the crevices of the cliff, and many other species, such as oyster catchers, are visitors to the Undercliff. The pied wagtail is a common sight and so is the meadow pipit.



Is this an example of public art?

Two boots and a bit of rusty wire

I found these boots (one lace missing) and some rusted iron wire clearly arranged and placed on the rear splashback as an 'installation'. Must have been intended for the Turner Prize Competition.





For dramatic seascape photographs taken
at the Undercliff Walk click here and here

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