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Ace Cafe Reunion: Brighton Burn-Up 2007

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Portraits: Bikers & Their Bikes

Unfortunately, I know little about motorcycles, but I do know the Brighton Burn Up is a fantastic photographic opportunity. Hope you like my portraits of bikes and bikers.

The Christian Motorcyclists' Association (CMA) is a regular attender. They have distinctive white crosses on the backs of their leathers.

The Saturday immediately before the Sunday of the Brighton Burn Up the National Speed Trials are held in Madeira Drive. Hence the photograph below of the mass of skidmarks on the the road surface.

The Burn Up is also a huge street market, selling everything to do with motorbikes. This year's Triumph tent was very popular.



Christian Motorcycle Association members in the crowd
Who Cares, Wins
Skid marks from the previous day's National Speed Trials
A lot of people passed through the Triumph stand
Coffin-style boot!
BMW trike with coffin boot
VW trike
BMW trike
Designed on the back of a fag packet - so the owner told me.



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