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The Brighton Beach Boys

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Christmas Eve at Komedia

What a great sound from a very talented bunch of musicians. And there were lots of them. I counted 13 on stage, 17 in total when you add in guest artists, such as Stephen Kalinich. There were even more instruments on stage: bass, rhythm, and lead guitars, 2 drum kits, 3 keyboards, vibraphone, brass section, and string section.

The band was formed in 2001 as a tribute band to the music of Beach Boy, Brian Wilson. And they do that extremely well, performing the complex vocal harmonies and musical arrangements with great finesse. But perhaps that's not a surprise, when you look at their CVs and realise that they're a very experienced line up of professional musicians.

Even better, for my money, they also give a great performance of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Last year during the Brighton Festival they performed the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's back to back. Unfortunately I missed that, but all who I have spoken to about it, tell me it was a triumph. The good news is that they're going to do it again at next year's Festival.

One criticism. With so many instruments and so many musicians on stage, I feel the Brighton BBs need one more member: a good sound engineer. During the first set of the evening there was a nasty feedback buzz coming out of the sound system. And, during the second set, the string section was drowned out at times.

One suggestion. I have now heard Glen Richardson, lead vocalist and keyboard player, twice. (The previous time was at the Greys in Hanover.) And it seems to me that Glen would make a perfect Brighton Jerry Lee Lewis. If he should ever do a tribute to the music of Jerry Lee, I for one would gladly pay to see and hear it.

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The Brighton Beach Boys

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