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Music City by the Sea - Stephen Kalinich

Stephen Kalinich at The Greys

Stephen Kalinich
22nd Aug 2006

The Greys is a small, friendly pub half way up a very steep hill in Hanover (Southover Street). Although small it is a very successful music venue, and has been for many years. Folk, folk rock, country, Americana, blues, bluegrass, gospel, bands, singer/songwriters, outstanding guitarists: all and more pass through its doors.

Stephen Kalinich is an American poet and lyricist. He's worked with many bands and singers, most notably the Beach Boys. It seems he was just passing through Brighton, visiting an old friend on his way back from Ireland, and was persuaded to put on an evening's entertainment last Monday.

I bought a couple of tickets: would it be any good? Well, it turned out to be a cracker.

The line up was as follows: Stephen Kalinich, poet and MC; Glen Richardson from the Brighton Beach Boys (a highly regarded tribute band) on vocals and keyboard; Tom Arnold, also of the BBBs and UnGagged, on piano accordion and backing vocals; Nico, a young singer and guitarist from Belgium; Steve Wrigley, vocals and lead guitar, also of the BBBs; and Charlotte Cooper, a young female vocalist, who released a CD single (Lucky Guy) in May and whose debut album is soon to be released.

Glen Richardson on keyboard
Charlotte Cooper

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