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Music City by the Sea - Tom Russell

Tom Russell
30th July 2006

Russell on Form

It has to be admitted that Tom Russell's audience was middle-aged plus some more. At least that's what I thought when I arrived at the Hanbury Ballroom and found a queue of fans lined up outside for the 7-30 pm start time that was on the billing. First I was surprised to find a queue - a bit unnecessary, I thought. Then I noticed how much grey hair was visible. However, I'm pleased to report that by the time the doors opened and we all went in and the room filled up, there was a reasonable number of younger fans about the place. They were still a minority but a sizeable one.

This was the last but one of Russell's gigs on his latest UK tour (he's back in September), and yet again he upset the hotel management where he was staying - and they had obviously upset him. He doesn't seem to get on too well with the city's hoteliers, at least not the ones that his management set him up with. Still, it all adds colour to his feisty personality, and undoubtedly Russell has a big personality, one that deserves a bigger stage than life in the music industry has so far served up to him. I'm not complaining because for me it means a much more intimate and relaxed venue, and Russell has an excellent rapport with his audience. In fact, he's a great entertainer.

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