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Does God Exist?

Anselm didn’t doubt it,
Life made no sense without it.
He believed in God that he might

But others sought a reason
For the Creator of creation,
And Paley found one lying round
At hand.

As a watch must have a maker,
So a maker, a Creator.
It’s simple if you get what’s on his mind –

But as for Dawkins –
And maybe even Hawkings –
Life’s just a gamble.
An endless, ruthless game of

It’s a game that’s played by genes
Who are selfish in extreme,
The world belongs to fitness freaks
In fact.

He may be
But not, please note, anthropic -
That’s a very different matter,
Don’t forget.

And then there was Pascal
Who took a gamble on it all:
In the name of prudence
He placed odds on God.

Freud thought faith confusion
Just an infantile illusion.
Jung said Freud
Had one thing on his mind –

When Arnold stood on Dover Beach
He heard the shingle screech:
It told him faith was
Running out of time.

So Cupitt’s perilous sea
Is all that’s left to me.
And the last poem of MacNeice
Completes this rhyme.

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Arnold's Dover Beach